Tuesday, 25 November 2008

just for the fans.

"NEVER STOP FALLING. cause if you do, your not trying hard enough" wise words, from billy fieldhouse himself. i was aged 14, and you'd think i would of learnt by now, but nope, still falling like a idiot every other race, i didnt even really make it over first jump at manchester, not cool really. typical, i would come out the worst, i have a pimp limp, but no i havent fooked my knee thank god, its slowly getting better, i might even be able to drive tonight without pain.

lets move on, the weather, what an ace subject i have choosen, well it is actually, due to it been so cold, and today while at work doing nothing, i was thinking, who's upping there game this winter? wan? dc? cal? oggy? well whoever is doing sprints in this weather is mad and too dedicated, its all gym work baby, warmth, fit girls and oh yeh. WARMTH! oggy update, hes out for six months, and thats pretty lame for me, im now bradfords number 1, and as cool as i think i am, im no where near good enough for that title. wan update. he got a job, what more do you need?
the story behind the picture today is, stuart hasnt stopped working at costa for ages, and hes ace at it, im converted, starbucks is whack. ALSO, good news, terry is coming up, im excited, WAX:ON this saturday, which is gonna be good, everyone should come.
hopefully will ride sometime in the future too, iv been thinking about bohehills lately, no idea why, probally cause its the best track iv been to ever. ;)
love and piece and all that shiz x

Saturday, 8 November 2008

ok so its been a while.

im sorry okay, but iv had a busy week. finishing work late, seeing friends, which is fine by me, its what iv needed lately, and then theres bonfire night. what a rubish year, nothing good went down, after 18 years of fireworks, there somehow boring, only good ones are now entertaining to watch, you get me? but i did go to coppul bonfire, and it was fun

bike news, should of had my new parts by now, but alans lovingly didnt tell me they didnt have anything in stock. so off to customriders i went!!!!! and they hooked me straight up. should have parts monday or tuesday, then build it back up, might even ride it if its nice one day.

training news, since iv been ill with my stomach bug thing, which seems to have calmed down so doc gave me ok to start training, back to the gym to pay my £30 a month and try and go as much as i can, which should be easy, as iv got nothing really planned for time. only work. which is LAME!!!!

dont know what else to moan about really, i wrote like 3 draft blogs, but i cant post them, i was very annoid when writing them. piece and love. someone buy me a new helmet x