Monday, 16 March 2009

to be honest.

its been rather boring here lately, all im doing is counting down the days till summer. and trying to plan stuff to do in summer, holidays, camping with the bradford boys, obviously nationals too, just because their fun, most of my friends go to them, and i always seem to have fun. maybe this year it will be even better if i ride well. MAYBE! is the key word ;)
lately, all iv seem to do is pay out, i got paid for a couple of jobs iv been doing and all of that money (which was for nationals/bmx stuff/holidays/new clothes) went on my lovely car. sometimes i wonder why i actually bother with a car, most of my college mates have them, fair enough, but none of my close mates have them really, so why should i? anyone want a 1.2 punto? haha. no, im kidding i wouldnt actually dare get rid, i can do as i please and when i want to.
HARTLEPOOL SUNDAY! couldnt actually say anything was wrong with hartlepool, cause for me, its best track in the north, altho i havent riden crew yet so we might have a new one soon ;) altho, 6 straights downhill, im not gonna complain at all. was good to see oggy in the mix, obviously with his knee hes been not quite his quick self, but this weekend, we might have a new bradford number 1 ;) my performance at hartlepool, wasnt shocking, neither was it great, my gates sometimes felt good, but earlier in the week i pulled something in my left leg, leaving my second pedal even worse than before.
i dont know what else to say really. see you all soon in 2 weeks at coppul?
anddddddddd il update more if owt good happens. never know, all this oggy talk might result in a sticker deal? ;) dont get unless you ask. im sure he would happily punch me at this minute by his last update though. also. WAN-KING. bradford misses you.
peace and love.