Monday, 22 December 2008


i finally got around to this. i know its been a while, and alot has happened. mainly me working out my budget is very small when it comes to january. which really sucks. basically. my MOT and Insurance are both due around the 20th of jan. and after christmas, i know im gonna be skint, cause thats just what happens.

Talking about cars, today i did the worst thing a person can do, LOCK YOUR KEYS IN YOUR CAR, put them down in the boot, my dad gave me his set of keys for the van, put them in my pocket, just as i was closing boot, checking i had keys in the pocket, i did, but the wrong ones. SLAM. bang. closed. FUCKED! not a happy snazel or big DJ SNAZEL, we did manage to get them out, but i wont tell you how. AND then did my days work, came out to the car to go home, already nakered, FLAT TYRE, wasnt happy, spent 10 mins changing that bad boy over and then snailed it home, NIGHTMARE.

BMX'ing on sunday, was good to see oggy cheerful, he was snapping and pulling (so it seemed) until a yowth by the name of jack hall killed him off, then oggy disapeared. ;) seemed alot of people who came thought the track had potential. and it does, we need to change the pro straight to something that is actually jumpable and faster than the ryhthme/roller straight? im sure billy fieldhouse could take his beloved tractor and get the job done in a day ;) just like how bradfords old track was done in what? 3 days? haha and it just as good as the one now i rekon ;). calum didnt race, he begged to go to mine for xbox playing, but i was like. NO i wanna race. why? why even bother trying in motos if your just gonna get done over. THAT RULE HAS NEVER APPLIED TO ANY OTHER RACE IV BEEN TO.

anyways, some b-day wishes id like to catch up on, kirsty cummins, OJ (only joking OJ) and of course. EDDIE SWALES. the one. the only.

PIECE and LOVE. MERRY Christmas and happy new year and all that x

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

so yeah....

its been a while, and i know, i should have loads of time on my hands, but i dont, im a working man you know, too much work work work then train train train. i wish. i wish i could train hard enough to even contend with anyone who is remotely fast, im dredding 19+, properly, one of my all time favourite riders. my dan clifford is a regular A finalist, but even he doesnt win them, and he squats like 100kgs ;)

bmx news. what is a bmx? i havent riden in so long i think i might of forgotten, hopefully gonna get out this saturday morning as its been snowing for time, and i bet the track has half washed away. ace. quality build. the last time i rode was with the goldcoast crew, and oj. the legend that he is, i was feeling it from the night before, and wasnt really on it. kyle and the jacob crew popped down too, kyle was launching the first one on the pro set, first lap. mega impressed, if only anyone or anything could jump the second one and third one, sounds like a job for antony tuffs if you ask me.

Other news, christmas arround the corner, and i know i should be excited, but im not, 1st of january is when my car insurance, car tax and mot are all due. What was i thinking last year to get them all on the same week. WHY, and yeh, christmas dosent get cheaper the older you get. i remember when it was free, haha, oh wel, apart of becoming more self reliant for money i guess.

love and peace!!!!!!! 2009, cant wait. also happy birth to elise, shes old.