Monday, 16 March 2009

to be honest.

its been rather boring here lately, all im doing is counting down the days till summer. and trying to plan stuff to do in summer, holidays, camping with the bradford boys, obviously nationals too, just because their fun, most of my friends go to them, and i always seem to have fun. maybe this year it will be even better if i ride well. MAYBE! is the key word ;)
lately, all iv seem to do is pay out, i got paid for a couple of jobs iv been doing and all of that money (which was for nationals/bmx stuff/holidays/new clothes) went on my lovely car. sometimes i wonder why i actually bother with a car, most of my college mates have them, fair enough, but none of my close mates have them really, so why should i? anyone want a 1.2 punto? haha. no, im kidding i wouldnt actually dare get rid, i can do as i please and when i want to.
HARTLEPOOL SUNDAY! couldnt actually say anything was wrong with hartlepool, cause for me, its best track in the north, altho i havent riden crew yet so we might have a new one soon ;) altho, 6 straights downhill, im not gonna complain at all. was good to see oggy in the mix, obviously with his knee hes been not quite his quick self, but this weekend, we might have a new bradford number 1 ;) my performance at hartlepool, wasnt shocking, neither was it great, my gates sometimes felt good, but earlier in the week i pulled something in my left leg, leaving my second pedal even worse than before.
i dont know what else to say really. see you all soon in 2 weeks at coppul?
anddddddddd il update more if owt good happens. never know, all this oggy talk might result in a sticker deal? ;) dont get unless you ask. im sure he would happily punch me at this minute by his last update though. also. WAN-KING. bradford misses you.
peace and love.

Monday, 2 February 2009


snow days :) gotta say i needed them off, and it cant come at a better time, chilling in front of the tv watching jeremy kyle, brew in hand. OH YEH :)

recent events, DC's surprise leaving do, gotta say, good luck in america brother! wish you the best luck you big ginger! the beer was flowing, the people and music were good. theres more to write about but i shouldnt ;) twarn ;) one event which was good was terrys argueing with the bouncer, he was ready to go, got everyones coats, then forgot to get the people, funny guy! the bouncer wouldnt let him back in, lines like " i dont even wanna go back in there mate your clubs shit" haha. funny guy.

the seshion next day was mega cold, and i only having an hours kip wasnt really feeling the cold. maybe if it was sunny like in america! but no. good night though defently.

lastely i havent been training at all or even really rode my bike, been too busy working hard and just not getting around to it, i have been re-learning gates though when i have rode thanks to ;) watch out 19+ and masters for oggy and his clips! haha.

i promise to update this more, promise, il tell you how leeds goes this weekend, see if im actually able to ride my bike. haha peace and love x

Friday, 2 January 2009

festive season..

ok, its been christmas, and new year, i wish everyone a happy new year and all that, i hope santa braught you what you wanted. i really do, even if it is better that the stuff i got. really. i do. haha ;) im messing about, i wish my hero a happy new year, his new year sounded ace, doorman on a salsa dance. YES PLEASE!

my christmas day, family day in, was chilled, me dad and mum had a few beers and watched some of the stuff we got given and then upto my uncles on boxing day, who can outsmart anyone on science, i think we have the same argument every year over asbestos. asbestos for if you dont know is what plumbers used to use for lagging pipes, which only turned out to kill everyone who worked in the factory to make it from lung cancer about 20 years down the line. what a lovely argument. but i wouldnt do it any different, cause its my family.

new years was mental! my friends cant organise anything to save there life soooo to beehive we went, which was packed! and some good bands and djs were on. pretty much had a lovely hangover which is always nice!

new years revolutions, i dont think i made any hard ones, train more, ride more, just have more fun on my bike and stuff, really easy said, but when its freezing its kinda hard to keep to them. but oh wel, i can only try my best.

MY CAR, yehhh hasnt been the best time, the night i locked my keys in the car, got a flat tyre and engine started playing up, some fucker bent the door back, they didnt get in, and nothing was worth nicking, nothing was even in there at all. so why the fuck? i dont get it, but yeh, car went into get sorted, just waiting for the bill and gotta pass its mot overwise, i might have togive in, smart car, i get an amazing deal on one, but still dont want one, could you imagine me in one? id look like a right dick i rekon, no offense to whoever has one, but i dont like them one bit, 70mph and cant even fit my bike in. whats the point? but yehhh, my car will pass, cause it has to basically.

thats all from liam snoozle. peace and lovee y'alll. x

this video is what i would love to go on one year. looks well amazing. sun, tracks, france. yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.