Monday, 2 February 2009


snow days :) gotta say i needed them off, and it cant come at a better time, chilling in front of the tv watching jeremy kyle, brew in hand. OH YEH :)

recent events, DC's surprise leaving do, gotta say, good luck in america brother! wish you the best luck you big ginger! the beer was flowing, the people and music were good. theres more to write about but i shouldnt ;) twarn ;) one event which was good was terrys argueing with the bouncer, he was ready to go, got everyones coats, then forgot to get the people, funny guy! the bouncer wouldnt let him back in, lines like " i dont even wanna go back in there mate your clubs shit" haha. funny guy.

the seshion next day was mega cold, and i only having an hours kip wasnt really feeling the cold. maybe if it was sunny like in america! but no. good night though defently.

lastely i havent been training at all or even really rode my bike, been too busy working hard and just not getting around to it, i have been re-learning gates though when i have rode thanks to ;) watch out 19+ and masters for oggy and his clips! haha.

i promise to update this more, promise, il tell you how leeds goes this weekend, see if im actually able to ride my bike. haha peace and love x

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