Sunday, 24 August 2008

Tired, aching, and bmx'd out.

This weekend was the brits, which were in peterborough. YES, one of my favourite tracks in uk for sure. mint weather, good riding, good company. good times, for sure.

im aching, im tired, im actually bmx'd out. i rode pretty well for me i think, i havent had much track time, and it really showed, my gates felt good and my pull was pretty much alright, i was even jumping! just wasnt really my day on sunday, i was gating and pulling well, just felt bullied really. semi's rolled round and gate 8. mint, i snapped well and was about 4th with brad watts, i knew i wasnt getting past him no way, he was on a mission, so had to settle for 5th. not bad for a unfit, bairly riding yowth i say.

Other racing, it was probally the best brits iv been to for a while watching racing wise, Big shout out for arron skow, he always impresses me, but today, he took it that bit further, made the main and was 2nd to first jump, gutted he slipped his pedal, always next time, he finished 4th. juan watney, 4th in semi in stacked 16-29 crowser to be taken on the line, gutted for you wan, brits just arent your thing. jack hall, hold old? 12? haha how tall? he got unlucky after racing mint all day, good defending by adam really, next time jack, get the major title mate, you can do it. big shout to cal, pulling like a proper pro yowth. how? its his mums cooking i say, im jumping on that secret plan for sure.

props to the noisy north, was there any other regions there? i couldnt here any.

im looking foward to riding some more at windy fernville and getting back on it for sure.

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