Tuesday, 2 September 2008


ok so this weekend i went the big cheese. LONDON baby.

Basically, it didnt start off very well, i had no idea it was the rugby cup final or something like that, and the guy behind me on the coach decided to talk all the way down, thanks! dick. so after been pretty "fresh" friday night and waking up after 3 hours kip, i wasnt in the best of moods for a half 6 wake up call. haha. got there though. and it was so worth it. i even made friends on the coach, england aint that bad. eyyyyyyy.

CHEMICAL BROTHERS! was the whole reason i went to london, terrys hook up so you know, its hot. think thats the best gig iv ever been to, easily, so much dancing and everyone was just feeling it, was mental! two djs before, first dj was mental and proper going for it.

SUNDAY rolled round, and the rain decided to come and ruin any chance of riding, but i wasnt really bothered, i got the chance to see london, and a load of cool stuff you dont see up north. check the of the big bmx wheel, that thing was tall and london is so cool to look at, went around london just chilled and had a massive laugh.

BIG shout out to terry, i know he hates blogspot. but it was defently worth the 6 and half hour bus journey back. defently.

Looking foward to riding this weekend, and just laying around and doing anything that comes up.more to come!

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