Wednesday, 22 October 2008

next year. 19+

I dont really have owt to say about derby, its a good track, fun, long, fitness and smoothness is the key, i dont have any of either, sadly there was wind, and i hate wind, wind and me just dont agree. so i wasnt in the jumping mood. i was gating pretty good for me, and spinning alright, i just couldnt get first jump, after gates i tried to pick up manuel it, ended up touching the top of the lip, which sent my body weight foward, and me over the bars onto my lovely back lovely big bruise and lots of pain, which has cost me a week off walk and a pimp limp around the house, haha good times.

NEXT YEAR, been thinking with all my time off of a been a plumbob and ligging around the house, i need to really pick things up, this year was a waste, no track, no gate practice, lost all will to train and just generally gave up, just went out and rode my bike, no matter what condition i was in. NEXT year though, gonna be different, im a new man, well in the bmx sense, getting back on it in the gym, going riding more, and riding more stuff than just lame bmx tracks, altho, we have 3 newish tracks, yeadon which looks the shizzle, leeds fernville for the pro start hill and last straight manuel competitions, and bradford for just going HUGE! which you will need to.

Good thing about bradford is, we have oggy, who has the best gates iv ever seen, he isnt fit at the minute with his messed up knee, but when hes on it, hes fun to chase down for sure!

NEXT YEAR, is defently gonna be weird without a good friend of mine, WAN so hes back on his rock on the isle of man, and he was half the reason i went and did gates, he always shouted me out for gate seshions! see you soon buddy! dont be a stranger!

So yeah, next year looks good, iv been thinking too much, time to watch some more the OC, yeh im addicted, its really bad. pictures are some guy falling off, and of cal and myself, supplied by the lovely abi.

piece and love until next time! x

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Juan Watney said...

Bruv, trust me, I'm missin you guys more than your missin me. I'll be back one day, until then, keep snappin kid.