Sunday, 21 September 2008

I cant snap.

This is photgraphic proof that i cannot snap, and as much as i want to say, its bradfords fault, it basically is, no practice shows. i think peebz snapped everyone. hes ace!

I want to moan right now, i F'in hate side plates, scratched the side of my bike, and i take pride in the shiny new paint work, so you know, annoying when rest of your frame is new but the side. ANNOYING! and what happens if your knee hapens to cover the plate when you finish? WTF happens then?dosent make sense in my head, i dont see any advantage, but maybe thats just me?

yehh, this week i decided that i wouldnt ride, i got some new cranks, and waiting for my new gearing, new bb, and just to get around to putting them on. also not having a track dosent help, so you know

A big shout out to BILLY LUCKHURST, on it this weekend, and since he changed his funny looking pedals, started training, hes been pretty on it, 5th at brits, Bfinal hero at coppul and Afinal on second day, did i mention he isnt scared to go big? who, also decided that desperation is the best way to pass someone who gets past you. DESPERATE, thats uncool.

Apart from that, pretty good week, back to college, building blokey college. fun. NOT! 10 hours of the most blokey talking ever, pretty fun. not been paid again, i cant wait to get my hands on that cash, although, i have to save it for lame car insurance.

BRADFORD and YEADON track are also so close to been finish, next season is gonna be good for riding in these parts, i can already tell. anyone want something you cant jump, head to bradford, youl love the airplane take off we have for a final pro jump. il leave you with a lovely picture of bradford, i did go check it out today, soon to be producing pros from all directions!!!!

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