Sunday, 28 September 2008

ok, so you like been ill and....

been called a lier? errr i dont think i do, but sure, the sign on ladies in the north can do as they please, im sorry if iv been ill all week isnt a excuse, oh wait actually im not. i had to take myself away before i started getting annoid with them and said something i would regret, and yeh the paramedic people do need paying, but oh wait, how many times have i raced before? so i think the money made from that would cover if i fell, which i didnt, also a rule that i had to sign up to ride the track? thats a stupid bollox rule, thats for stupid people just like alot of bc's rules.
other things which i was told after been ill is, "hes been on a massive bender" "hes hungover" "he's putting it on" "he dosent even look ill" "but youv been riding, you must be fine" the last one really pissed me off, i rode the first straight, then rolled the second cause i was out of breath, then didnt really ride that, today actually killed me, but you know, THEY ARE RIGHT!

HEY IM 18 SO THAT MUST MEAN IM NOT ILL AND IM LIEING! AND HUNGOVER. actually bollox to you, iv been ill past 3 days and hated it, f-U.

The picture is from and it sums up today, sun, bmx, looking really cool, me and ethan bonding over dirty stuff and oh yeh, prestons fun track. thats a line i thought i wouldnt ever say, but i like it, good to watch, good to ride.

The regional itself, seems alot have jumped up into payback, cant wait to race it, jack hall, made the final but was left on the outside and couldnt do owt but still rode great. Cal just won, no questions, no one near him, too fast too young. LEVI, my favourite juniour male, comes after practice, hungover, feeling it from shinazes b-day celebrations in blackpool, and still races, true dedication, and killed it shockingly, made the final, riding quite well, but i think paris put him off in the final ;) haha. err ian sharpe in two and flemdog in 3, fast as. my favourite race has to be boota taking out oj, or nearly doing, haha break check!!!!!!! funny stuff, boota smile after made it even better. O"only joking"J is my new the new target in cruiser? wan and boota now, wouldnt like to be you. kinda like this oldschool picture, reppin 2004> kyle chesters fully killed me on the berm and i was left for last place, ace haha. kyle chesters weighed twice me and towered over me. i loved racing him.

Few bradfordians did well, arron "never rides" skow won today, as did "im really big" dean, will from the 8's did well as did george, who thinks he can manuel and jump, i wish he would pump and take advice!

errrr yeh thats it, apart from been ill and been pretty bed ridden iv done nowt this week. oh yeh, sarahs mum and dads 50th, that was mega fun, cheers for the invite! and the dj was old school HOT!

piece and love. x

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