Tuesday, 23 September 2008

ok so you like blogspot.

Then read this if you like bmx and funny stuff, i actually read most of it, and i dont really do reading unless its from something to do with;

1-hot girls.


3-forced to by college on a wensday for 10 hours.

check it out!

todays picture is of phillip, he broke his arm at coppul, and since this is the picture were we look like brothers from different milkmen, i thought he deserved a big shout out, hes been riding mint this year. and he lives next to a certain pro, is he the next certain pro? who knows. keep on it phil and dont disapear like last winter!

also i was gonna put a picture of wan up, after he'd fallen 3 out of 3 times of riding, good record wan, but thought nahhhhh, he dosent shout me out EVER! get better buddie. see you preston

id like to add, preston this weekend, actually looking foward to it for once, the track was riding good when i went up after coppul national, i was riding whack after tiring myself at coppul but who knows.

catch you guys later x sprints are calling.

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