Friday, 12 September 2008

some people can.......

really annoy you, and i really hope she enjoys this time before it takes hold and shes managed to realise that she is the douche and dosent deserve what she seems to have on her feet. silly. whatever really.

looking back at pictures of london, and i miss it, i miss how busy it was, and how quiet the tube was, and how the old lady kept giving me funny looks for been a yowth with a bag. haha. AND terry of course! cant wait to go back someday, i can hope. also the girl obviously taking pills at chemical brothers and not knowing really where she was. and the two dicks she was with. haha funny.

other news, i got a raise, still a crap wage but it does make things easier, my car loves my money i think, and so does my bike.

AND coppul this weekend. cant wait. bmx bmx bmx bmx bmx bmx bmx and fun.

anyways. rant over. piece and love x

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